Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
the Red Dragon
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
the Red Dragon
 Quality in a small package
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
the Red Dragon
 Quality in a small package
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
the Red Dragon
 Quality in a small package

The Fairy Saddle Legend.

All Pembroke's have two light-colored streaks, one at each side, right under their shoulders, how they got this streaks...this story will tell us.
In the history of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, there are some legend's, how they got this streaks. all story's tell us that it has got something to do with fairies, riding on the backs of the corgi's.
Please read this one, and's just a legend, but a beautiful one.

Long long ago, in days of Yore

it might've been sooner, if not before.

Along a mountain track there came
a gallant Corgi of quite some fame.

And there beside the track he spied
a maiden fair, who to him cried,
"Oh kindly Corgi, hear my plea;"
I've fallen from my horse you see,
and before you further room
would you, peas Sir take me home ?

So said the Corgi "I do confess, how could I leave you in distress".

So climb upon my back, fair maid. I'll take you home,
as you have bade.

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And so the Corgi started forth.
" My home is a castle in the north".

They journeyed there and at her door she cried
" I should have said before, I'm a fair Princess Sir, you see.

And for your kindness to me I'll leave, upon your neck and back
All traces of the fairy tack.

And till this day you still can find the fairy saddle to remind
how the Corgi helped the Princess fair and just as well for you will care.


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