Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
the Red Dragon
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
the Red Dragon
 Quality in a small package
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
the Red Dragon
 Quality in a small package
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
the Red Dragon
 Quality in a small package

The puppy procedure.



So you've decided you're going to adopt a dog, or adopt a second dog, or adopt once again a dog, anyway, you are looking to adopt a dog.

You have obviously considered this decision because you realize that this is an important decision, one that may affect one-tenth of your life and your family's life, daily.

Everything has been well discussed with the whole family, all pros and cons are familiar and you know where you are getting yourselves into, only starting is so difficult ... where do you start?

The first hurdle has been taken and you are looking for what you think is a suitable breed for your family. Many breeds pass and eventually there are a few, or maybe one breed left ... how now further?

The Internet offers a solution, you just have to enter those breeds in the Google's-search window, and a waterfall of photos and kennels, etc. will appear on your screen, nice, but also very confusing because ... how to go further?

In the end, you ended up on this website and you must like it because you are taking the time to read it in order to know...... how to proceed?

First of all, you need to decide that you want a puppy from my kennel, if so, you should be patient, buying a puppy isn't something you do "in a jiffy" and of course, you know that my kennel name is Y Ddraig Goch and not! In the first place I breed for myself, I try to make a combination of a father and a mother from which I expect something, something that I can use myself to continue the future of my kennel in breeding healthy, sweet, characterful, and beautiful Pembrokes. But I can't keep all puppies for myself (though sometimes I wish) so I have to sell pups and let others enjoy dogs of the breed I may enjoy every day. But I don't breed that much and there are many pup-adopt-requests, so the rinse is thin and it's up to me to select and choose the most suitable new owners for my puppies.

Knowing this all, we can go further to go further?

The next step is ... You send me a very detailed email, your introduction-mail, telling me who you are and what you want, you have to understand that I want to know nearly everything about you because if you want a puppy of mine, then you have to meet my terms. And you don't have to worry about not living on an estate or not having a lot of spare time, after reading the breed information on my website you know now that a Pembroke is pleased with far less ... and so am I.

The Y Ddraig Goch email address is on the contact page.

I will read your email very carefully and will store it for later, I'll always store all pup-requests.

I don't work with a so-called "waiting list" this because I know they do not work, there are people who put their names on waiting lists at all breeders, these kind of people aren't searching for a good and reliable puppy from a good and reliable breeder but for a .. "as soon as a possible puppy and I do not care where from" because they are all members of some kind of breeders-club so there's no difference ". Well, let me tell you they think wrong, and I let them because such "treasure hunters and fortune seekers" not even bother to read this far in this article to open their eyes and see otherwise, they just want a pup and right now, this week or sooner if possible, regardless.

By the time I'm expecting a new litter, or a new litter is born, I will make this known on my website and on my Facebook page ...That it's the time to hear from you again by e-mail, your pup-request-mail, or phone because then it's time for me to start inviting some people for an acquaintance visit.

All "new owners" visited me before a litter was born, and a visit isn't a guarantee of a puppy from my breeding, the acquaintance visit is for getting to know each other better and seeing and speaking each other in real life. A nice email on a flat computer screen or a nice voice on the phone is not enough, I want to look deep into someone's eyes when they tell me that they will be good for my puppy! I also tell you about my breeding, my dogs, the final price of a puppy from my litter, my kennel, the health, and if I think you are an appropriate new owner of one of my pups, the procedure to be followed from then on. And of course, you can interview me extensively, I would like you to get a familiar feeling, buying a dog is initially a matter of trust.

During that visit, you may express your preferences so that I can take that into consideration when the puppies are born, for example, if you really only want to have a red & white pup and there only are Tri-colour pups born, I will give you a call immediately after birth with the announcement that there is no puppy in that litter for you. Also, If you really only want to have a bitch and the litter only consists of males, I will inform you that there is no pup in this litter for you....You can't switch after they are born, but you can go for, "I don't care what gender, I only want to adopt a Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup, I don't even care the color, then the chance for adopting a Y Ddraig Goch, Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup is much bigger.

But if I think there's a puppy in this litter for you, then you will receive a "puppy hug" invitation with an e-link to my private photo site where daily photos and sometimes a short video of the pups are uploaded so that the upcoming owners can follow everything from day today. In this invitation, you also find the day and time of the "puppy hugging appointment". On this day we also are going to lay down some things. One of these things is that we don't have an agreement for me to sell you a puppy and that you are the owner after the official transfer of ownership by signing the purchase agreement and ownership certificate of the Dutch kennel club, until that moment I am the only legal owner of all the puppies and can decide not to sell any of the puppies to you. We would also like to hear if you already have a preference for one of the puppies, of course, I will take that into consideration and pay extra attention in my daily observation of the puppies and their development.

Then if you are back home again after the puppy hugging, you will find an e-mail containing all the information you need about raising a dog, feeding your puppy, taking care of your puppy, and educate your puppy. This information has been compiled over the years in response to questions from previous Y Ddraig Goch pup owners. It also contains how you must import your pup in a legal manner to your country and to apply for a Dutch FCI-pedigree turned into an FCI-pedigree in your country ( this is in Dutch language only ).

Only in the seventh week of their lives, I will select and place the right owner at the right puppy, according to my insight & experience and the results of the puppy character test that I performed one week earlier on all the pups. So I'm selecting the right puppy for you, you don't do it yourselves! I hear you thinking right now....why not? ... Well simply because I know the puppies quite well and I know what you're looking for and at this time I know your family and your private situation, a rough male pup who pushes his brothers and sisters away while eating and is not even slightly impressed by his mother's correction, you don't want to place such a character among a young family with some small and innocent children, I prefer to place such a pup at a somewhat older family or a family without children. I'm breeding and selecting pups and owners since 1978 .... I like to think I'm experienced enough in these matters. I know that I have never been very far from a good combination of owner and dog and I know that all my puppy owners are very satisfied with my choice for their puppy.

And if you're thinking now ..." that's too much of a hassle for me", I can tell you right now that you're probably not the pup-owner that I'm searching for, and that you're maybe better off with another breeder, another breed or maybe no dog at all. But if you're happy with all this "hassle" then you need to send me an email.

And maybe I'll see you in my famous seat somewhere in the future ... ..

interrogationroom isn't as bad as it looks, you get coffee and a biscuit with it.. winkle smiley1

 > This link will bring you to what a puppy costs

> This link will bring you the import rules of the EU-countries

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